[BUG] Problems with encoding? (Vivaldi.net account)

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    One of the letters in my real name have a diacritical mark and somewhere along the way that letter turned into a question mark. I went over to the Profile Mangement page to edit my profile and the question mark was there as well. I've replaced it with the correct letter, but for some reason it doesn't work on the forums. When I go to my profile I see the HTML code (ł) instead of the respective character (ł). There must be some problem with the encoding or with the way that the page is displayed (since it presents the HTML code within the page).

  • Thanks for reporting this, we'll investigate

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    @steinar I found the reason why it is displayed like that. I used the inspection tool and everything looked fine there, but as soon as I copied the HTML code and pasted it into a text editor, it turned into this: ł

    So it's not a problem with the encoding (silly me), but with some kind of character conversion that you're performing. I guess that if the user's name consists of some Unicode characters (other than the basic latin), those characters are saved in the database as HTML codes (at least it looks like that). Then, there is the ampersand (&), that is most likely converted to its respective HTML code (& or & in this case) by the forum's scripts and thus we get those weird-looking names on our profiles... 🤓

    These are just my speculations, but I hope it'll help you resolve this issue. 😉

  • @pafflick thanks for looking into this! Highly appreciated. We'll find a better solution soon.


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