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  • Hello everyone, I've been trying out few latest versions of Vivaldi on mutiple occasions, latest one being latest Snapshot release.
    Vivaldi seems to be working superbly for me, but I have this issue with every version of Vivaldi I've tried so far.
    Initial Vivaldi boot/launch/startup is extremely slow when to compared to all other browsers, same goes for new window option while Vivaldi is already running.
    I'm using W10 with all the latest updates, Vivaldi is also installed on a SSD, just like every other browser, Opera, Chrome, Edge all boot up instantly.
    Don't know if its Vivaldi specifically slow on boot since on another forum one of the users said his launches instantly.

    Any solutions?

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    Have you installed the correct version of Vivaldi (x64/x86)?
    Right now, in my actual computer it takes more or less 2/3 seconds to launch but it has an SSD + i7 3.40Ghz processor. But in my previous computer, it took 7/8s and suddenly I noticed the version I was using wasn't the correct one, from then on, it takes much less time.



  • @Rafaeljuan I'm using a correct version - 1.5.655.3 (Official Build) (64-bit), this is what I'm currently using, even the official stable version takes the same amount of time as this "beta" snapshot version.

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    Try establishing the profile path in the SSD if it isn't already there 🙂



  • Indeed, the startup time of Vivaldi is simply disastrous so I don't close it anymore.

    i7 3770k CPU, SSD, Windows 7 x64, 32GB RAM, ramdrive is used for "cache" and "media cache" directories both in Chrome and Vivaldi.

    Chrome with 2 extensions starts in about 0.2 seconds, creates new empty windows instantaneously.
    Chrome with 20 extensions starts in about 1 second, creates new empty windows instantaneously.
    Vivaldi 1.5 with 20 extensions starts in about 4 seconds, creates new empty windows in about 2 seconds.

  • Hi

    I am using 1.4.589.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit) on Windows 10 Pro and the startup time is awful. I sometimes think it is not launching and click the icon again only to have several versions finally running.


  • sometime i've to clic-right on the taskbar and opened the task_manager ... it force vivaldi to appears...

    i got vivaldi since the 0.5 or the first-first realease... may i should re-install it all properly... but i still wait for a way to export search engine... ;o)

  • Same here.
    Version 1.5.658.3 (Official Build) (32-bit).
    It can take up to two minutes to load, on my work laptop and the home machine. I tried recreating the profile and it's slightly quicker, but slows down very quickly. Only two extensions, uMaxtrix and uBlock Origin. Vivaldi startup page is speed dial. Home and laptop are slightly different, but only about 6 or 7 pages in both.


  • Enable the option "Don't close window with last tab" to prevent accidental exit from Vivaldi so that you won't need to relaunch it. This is the workaround I use.


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