Websites start playing before GUI is shown

  • Hei,

    my startup time currently is quite long, around 30 seconds with 40 tabs, but thats not the real problem.

    The problem is, when I had an (as example) YouTube video open in the last focused tab before closing (so it will choose this tab to show on startup), then the video starts playing before I can even see the Vivaldi GUI. And so I can not stop that at all. So that the video will play (I only hear the sound) and on my desktop not a hint of the vivaldi gui. The gui appears around 10 to 15 seconds after that, and only than I can stop the video.

    Thats really annoing, can you stop executing the webpage before the GUI is not displayed?


  • @timmi This happens to me on first startup after reboot every time

    I read somewhere else that windows is potentially scanning the vivaldi process?


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