[how to] export/backup/restore saved passwords in Vivaldi.

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    Finally I figured out a simple way to do so and I'm going to share the procedure.

    #1 Enable the feature

    Go to the following address, set the feature to enabled and restart vivaldi.


    #2 Export your passwords

    Go to the address


    You will see two new buttons to save and restore your passwords, your OS credentials will be asked to do so. Then just choose the right filename and a folder

    (keep in mind that the exported .csv file will include passwords in clear text, so better to keep that file in a safe place, possibly protecting it with a master password).
    #3 Restore your passwords

    When/if needed just repeat the step #2 (obviously step #1 as well if you are using a fresh install), choosing import instead of export

    That's all.

    I believe that many users will welcome this mini tutorial

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    Thanks for this hint.

    That should be added to Vivaldi Help at https://help.vivaldi.com/knowledgebase/

    I will ping our community manager Gaelle tomorrow to add this.

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    @The_Solutor - Brilliant find. As you suggested, many users will welcome this knowledge.

  • This is great !! :D Thanks !!

    I was trying the KeePass way to backup them, but it's something too complex for my mother (start keepass, start browser, DON'T USE the browser password manager but only the Keepass plugin, if keepass ask for confirmations press yes, etc...)...
    She is too used with the Opera 12 way (press the Key icon... and nothing else !!)

    Could there be a way to automate a backup ? Maybe a powershell script or something ?

  • I am trying to export my passwords right now.
    After enabling password export, i cant see any new buttons for exports.
    Just link to passwords.google.com
    So what now?

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    @woyta Strange, looks like you got a internal Chromium page.

    Works on Vivaldi 1.11 like this:
    Open vivaldi://flags/#password-import-export
    Set to Enable
    Restart Vivaldi
    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords
    Hit Export Button

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    Oh! There is no export anymore in 1.12 :cry:
    chrome://settings/passwords shows no export button!
    Same in Chromium 61.
    Looks like Chromium developers removed this. :(
    So Bad.

    Reported bug VB-32796 "[regression] Export of saved passwords not existent anymore"

  • 1.11.917.43 (32b) on my PC and as I sayed earlier no export button.
    Seems that I have to try downgrade.

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    @woyta I keep a Stable version on my machine all the time. It still has export. So all I have to do is temporarily place the Login Data file that I want exported into Stable.

    In future, I may keep a 1.11 standalone version installed somewhere on the machine for this express purpose and no other. Luckily, it does not seem that Vivaldi sync is all that far off, at which time this will be less of an issue.

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    Arggh, in current 1.12 Stable all export of password is gone now as bad Chromium dev forgot the buttons in UI.
    See bug in Chrom* https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=674536

  • So to sum it up, the functionality is there but they forgot to add the buttons in the new UI, and it's being worked on. Good to know.

  • I just encountered this problem. And I found a solution.

    All you have to do is install a version of 1.11, use the methods listed above to import your passwords, and then update to 1.12.


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    I guess my hints to do this with 1.11 can be found on some other threads here in forum.
    See https://labs.gwendragon.de/blog/Web/Browser/Vivaldi/vivaldi-export-passwords-from-newer-versions#story

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