• Where is Vivaldi's own "really better history"?

    Months ago we were told an own in house history was coming soon.

    I've waited patiently with no end in sight. Is it coming or isn't it? The chrome browser extension "better history" doesn't work and the current build in history is infuriating at times.

    Problems with the current one:

    1. It does not always work. A portion of the time I can't find websites I know I visited. No I can't give you a condition that this always happens.
    2. Upon loading the history, CTRL+H, the 'current entry' entry field is not the 'search history' field like every other browser. It is the address bar. This has changed from build to build. Sometimes it is the address bar sometimes it is something else. Long long ago 5 tabs it would enter into the search history field.
    3. It isn't what was advertised months ago see forum linked above.

    As a student it is imperative I'm able to retrace where I've been and I simply can guarantee that with Vivaldi. Old fan of the classic Opera here. Been 'bearing with' Vivaldi in hopes it would get better. It isn't. It is still a 'pretty browser' with lack of functionality or broken functionality. Gha!

  • Moderator

    @eee - This is under development. Internal testers and developers are testing versions of it as we speak. So far, it really is better than the Chromium implementation, and due to the fact that it is in full-bore internal testing, the next stage is public testing in snapshots. I think most people will like it, and with public feedback, it will see even more improvements and cleanup before full public release.


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