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  • Hello vivaldi!

    I've just tested this browser for one hour now. It's awesome! I like it!
    But what I need absolutely is a bookmark sync! As long as this feature isn't available vivaldi can't become my default browser. 😕

    The reason I'm searching for a new browser is: Safari is too simple, google's chrome is too curious and firefox is to hungry in memory and energy and is getting slower and slower with every update.

    Because I have a MacBook Air with only 4 GB RAM I am searching for a browser with low hunger of memory. So I made a comparison of vivaldi, firefox and safari. The result: vivaldi did the biggest storage consumption (if I interpretated the results correctly).

    What a pity!!! Am I right?

    alt text

    (in all browsers I opened the same 4 websites)

  • No you are not that far off the mark it uses considerable amount of memory. In my experience here on my Mac takes same amount as Chrome does for comparable amount of tabs open.

    Edit: I would add as long as you are not seeing more page out than page ins in the memory usage you are ok as it will not be swapping much to disk. As they say free memory is wasted memory, it is the paging that kill performance.

    Edit2: If you have nothing like iStat menus to show you the pagein/out then open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities folder) and use the command I show below.

    MacUser2525:~$ vm_stat |grep Pageins && vm_stat |grep Pageouts
    Pageins: 3946117.
    Pageouts: 0.

  • @MacUser2525 thanks for your comment!
    I don't know if I understand you correctly. Either your english is a little bit strange or my english is too bad - possible also. 😉

    Besides I don't know anything about "page in/out". But I think it's not usefull to compare chrome and vivaldi 'cause they both are built on the same base "chronium". Moreover it is more interesting to watch the system in practice than to watch theoretical data.

    And in practice I start the very RAM-hungry Logic Pro X. And this app gets an overload if there is vivaldi open with this 4 Tabs. But it still works fine, if Safari is open with this 4 Tabs.

    So sorry – it still seems to me that vivaldi takes too much RAM. 😕

    alt text

  • There is no doubt this thing uses the ram the page in/out terms are related to ram consumption on a machine. When a program starts it is loaded into ram from hard drive this is a pagein and as it runs and uses more of its features your computer loads that into ram as well more pageins. Now once the ram is used up the computer does what is called a pageout it takes some of the programs code that is in the ram that is not needed and does a swap/write to disk. This since a disk in the machine is slower than ram can slow the machine down. With such a low amount of ram in your machine there is really nothing that you can do when wanting to run two programs that like to use the ram except quiting one of them to run the other.

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