• I used to use Opera all the time. It was my favourite browser; fast, free, and elegant. But then Opera started to go down and lose features, and I started to use Firefox more. Firefox was a pretty good browser, but it couldn't cope with the amount of tabs I needed open easily (around 80 :P) I still used it, because there was nothing really better that I could find. That is, until I discovered Vivaldi. I saw Vivaldi at the top of and clicked on it; the description looked interesting. I read more of the description, then clicked on the screenshot. My first reaction was, "Wow. That looks AMAZING. I'm going to download this right now." So I went to and read the whole page, then downloaded it. It installed super quickly, then I opened it for the first time. It looked even better than I had seen in the screenshot. The UI was amazing and I love how it adapts to the page by changing the colour. Vivaldi has made up for everything that was missing in Opera and I LOVE it. Thank you so much for this amazing browser. - init

  • Already set Vivaldi as default browser it's very good.
    Yahoo email works well (old version which I use) but with the new version of Yahoo email top row of icons can barely be seen in Vivaldi.

  • I have been using Vivaldi since the tech preview was released and I too have moved to using Vivialdi as my default browser (from Google Chrome). So far it has handled everything I use a browser for with little to no issues and the issues I have encountered I kinda expected it not to be perfect in it's current state however I also understand that the new features, bug fixes and fine tuning will come with each new update/version release. They are on the right track though!

  • guyz i didnt find, any link to raise ticket,
    if u know then just forward the link

  • Do you mean a webpage to report bugs? There is one:

  • Thy for your wonderfull work! It's already better then other browsers! I can't wait for more :woohoo:

    The problem I have:
    In moodle (2.6) can't upload pictures because upload screen just doesn't show up.

  • thanks man

  • Yeah, I almost love everything in Vivaldi too. Now looking forward to Extension support (or integrated Adblock?) and if they just add Tab-switching with Right-click+Mouse Wheel then I'm definitely switching to Vivaldi.

  • If I import bookmarks from Opera will it be from my old default browser Opera 11 or recently uninstalled Opera 27?

    If I select Opera default location to import does this mean bookmarks, notes, etc. files will be shared between Vivaldi and Opera 11 or is this importing a geolocation from Opera 11?



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