gets "blocked"

  • I really don´t know since when this happened, but the known website "" gets blocked with a security warning shown.

    0_1478367121653_Screenshot 2016-11-05 18.29.24.png

    version Info:

    0_1478367168021_Screenshot 2016-11-05 18.32.30.png

  • Moderator

    I cant confirm this with my Vivaldi 1.4 Stable and 1.5 Snapshot on Windows 10 x64.
    Must be a invalid or old certificate in your Mac's certificate store.
    Or some Virus scanning software intercepting with SSL and spoofing certs.

    Denk ich so...

  • @msmr

    You are running a very old snapshot. You are at version 1.3, while stable is already at 1.4. and snapshot is at 1.5. Try and update the browser to latest snapshot version 1.5.633.3. Website works for me on osx 10.11.6 on latest snapshot.


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