Cannot add bookmarks from file!

  • Hi all,

    So I've been away for a while using a different browser but just decided to install Vivaldi again, latest snapshot, I cannot import bookmarks from file, every time I try Vivaldi just closes itself, any ideas? It's a pain not being able to import straight from Firefox but I've never had this issue before with a bookmarks file and Viv.


  • @wiiija I saw a post from someone who said this happens if the user has set the Topsites file to "read only" (usually to reduce high disk usage problems).

  • No dice for me I'm afraid, the second I click "choose a file" Vivaldi just closes, so annoying.

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    No problem here. I imported bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox, and from an HTML file without issues. Are you also importing passwords and search engines?

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    I can import bookmarks from a Firefox profile.
    And I can import bookmarks from a HTML file.

    Can you please close Vivaldi and check in Windows Taskmanager if any vivaldi processes are running after closing Vivaldi?

  • Unfortunately I just realised that I can't import from edge browser either, no import works. I tried file again but the browser closed, checked taskmanager, no processes for Vivaldi present.

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    I can import Edge favorites and Firefox bookmarks with Vivaldi 1.4 Final and 1.5 Snapshot.

    May be something block Edge and Firefox profiles on your Windows?
    Firefox and Edge must be be closed before you can import in Vivaldi.

    Do you have non-ASCII characters in your user profile path?

  • Very strange indeed, path is standard. Think I'll try a reinstall, cheers folks

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    @wiiija No, that will fail too.
    I tested it on my german Win 10 with Username Müller or Only1€.
    No import if non-ASCII chars in profile path. Inspect your C:\Users... path.
    A Vivaldi importer bug! 😞

    I reported this now as a serious bug
    VB-23066 "Import from other browsers fails if Windows user profile path has non-ASCII characters"

  • I'll have to wait for the next snapshot, I can't possibly add them all manually, pain 😕


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