Password Length

  • I just changed my password to make it more secure, and I was very pleased to see that the Vivaldi community allows 40 character passwords. I'm so used to IPB forums that only allow passwords with a maximum of 25 characters that I wanted to leave a "Thank you!" for the Vivaldi team. Password security is very important, and with recent revelations that 20 character passwords can be brute forced in a matter of minutes with modern technology I am very grateful to any online service that allows me to have at least a 40 character password to help keep my account secure. wink

  • I'm glad you noticed! Password security is important.

  • I tend to use 42 complex characters wherever i can, coz it's cryptographically better to be longer than shorter, but most important of all: 42 is The Ultimate Number, the Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything. HHGTTG rulz.

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