Further improvements to tab drag and inline title editing - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.655.3

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    For our final snapshot of the week, we have more tab drag fixes and further improvements to inline editing of titles.

    We are still very interested in reports of any new bugs that have appeared since 1.4 (regressions). Thanks for all your assistance and enjoy your weekend!

    Known issues

    • No macOS build: see the earlier snapshot for details


    • [Tabs DND] Trying to stack a pinned tab with a non-pinned tab results in inability to change tabs, close tabs, and create new tabs (VB-23024)
    • [Tabs DND] Dragging a single tab from a window containing only a stack, over to another window causes the first window to disappear (VB-22914)
    • [Tabs DND] Dropping on window from another window does not work (VB-22911)
    • [Tabs DND] Dragged stacked tab visualization not accurate with UI zoom < 100% (VB-22918)
    • Selected file in the Downloads list loses it's focus (selection) after pressing restart (VB-22798)
    • ESC button works wrong in full screen mode (VB-8969)
    • Inline edit refinements: Adds a "Rename" menu entry to the context menu; Enable timer triggered activation (VB-22994)
    • Tab Thumbnails shortcut does not work in tabs on right side (VB-22610)
    • Right click option to "close other" can be zero (VB-18289)



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