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  • I use Vivaldi every day as my daily browser, on all computers. And 'Im a web developer, so I spend most of time in the developer tools, debugging stuff. And those tools opens in a separate window.

    This forces me to use Chrome (in which the tools integrate nicely) and that's rather unfortunate when I want to use Vivaldi.

    Please integrate it, like Chrome!

    Number 1 wish! Number two wish is to open downloads in a tooltip or similar... sidebar keeps popping up and thats extremely annoying. It's a bad user experience when I have to maintain something to go back to it's initial state after i downloaded a document. All browsers have implemented something similar: Edge with a non-intrusive dialog at the bottom, Opera with a tool-tip-thingy, and Chrome with a non-intrusive bar. Vivaldi? "Here's a sidebar with no close option! I hope you remember the hotkey to close it. Because i doesnt go away. Because you downloaded something, you know?".

    Sincerely "Used-Opera-since-version-5-user",

  • Try Vivaldi Hooks, is a workaround for the time being which addresses both of your issues.

  • Thanks, Ill check that out!

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