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  • one of the things that kept me on og opera 12 before it completely failed to load any site or email properly was the author/user mode that i could toggle. i had it set so that one mode used css from way back in the opera 6 day that had white text on a black background which i liked because the background is bright and i keep the lights off. i know there are chrome extensions that invert colors but this also inverts pictures and element colors. i don't want that, i just want a white on black. i still have the css files. is it possible to apply them to vivaldi somehow?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ctkatz We don't have exactly what you want, but close. If you look at the footer/status bar, we have Page Actions. This is essentially CSS and JS applied to the site you are viewing. In the future, we plan to allow users to add their own files here, and run them on a global or pr.tab setting.
    Sorry this won't solve your immediate needs, but it's coming!

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