"Subscribe to this entry" - Annoying dialogs

  • When clicking the "Subscribe to this entry" link on a blog post, a dialog pops up for me to confirm that I want to subscribe by clicking the "subscribe" button. Then, after I click subscribe, another dialog pops up telling me that I'm subscribed.

    That's just unnecessary and annoying.

    The way it should work is if I click the link, I'm automatically subscribed and the "subscribe to this entry" link changes to "unsubscribe from this entry". There should be no dialogs that get in the way and none of that double confirmation.

    I also get a notification email that I'm subscribed too. Seems even more redundant and unnecessary.

    The suggestions in https://vivaldi.net/forum/suggestion-box/63-subscriptions-without-e-mail-notifications come to mind also.

  • :)

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