Vivaldi downloading something -> Close it -> still alive - How to restore?

  • When there are downloads is not completed and I try to close the Vivaldi then it hides the main window without any warnings but still active. I can start the Vivaldi again and it shows the download process but how I could to restore the original window? Because even when the download finished and all visible window closed Vivaldi processes still here. I know that the "pkill -f vivaldi" is the solution but I hope there is the more "human" way. Linux Mint if it is sensitive.

  • 1.settings>privacy>keep history
    2.go to website
    3.close vivaldi and drink a mojito vivaldi dl panel, select unfinished downloads, hit reload icon in panel.

    .part would still need to be in the same download location. if you are sensitive to mint, drink beer instead of mojito.

    i doubt killing the process would help. if you want bonus points, copy download url, ctrl+alt+t, wget [url] [desired download location].

  • Moderator

    Yes, that is a missing feature, no warning if downloads are running.
    This is known and already as a feature/wish in Vivaldi's bugtracker.

  • i confess i did not test what i said. @Gwen-Dragon , thank you for correcting me.

    @abelisto i still recommend the beer when the feature is added.


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