Snapshots: Fast and Slow Ring

  • Hey, just an idea that came up after having almost daily snapshots during the last couple of days (which I like very much btw): Would it be possible (and feasible) to split the preview versions into something similar to the MS Insider program? Meaning: A Fast Ring for those that want to stay on the bleeding edge, with the earliest possible access to new features, changes etc. while at the same time accepting the risk of less stable versions [size=1]cough maybe even mail and/or sync cough[/size] For those a little less daring but not quite willing to wait for the final there could be a Slow Ring consisting of Beta and RC Versions that are mostly stable but will still get those new features before the finals/Chromium updates. Ideally of course with a new logo for the Fast Ring, maybe green 🙂 Cheers, Topha

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    There already is an Insider program, but we're not invited.

  • What you call Fast Ring is used by the sopranos 🙂

    Snapshots/Beta/RC are released on the SnapShot Ring (Slow Ring ?).

    We can ignore Snapshot updates until Beta/RC if we wish.

  • Well of course there already is an Insider Program for Vivaldi, an of course the Microsoft Insider Program is not actually for Insiders 🙂

    I just got the idea because of the quasi-daily builds over the last couple of days which, as I said, I really enjoyed. On the other hand they might be a little too much for some, and since we already have the different logos for final/snapshot builds why not offer a third in-between option. I rarely have issues, stability or otherwise, with the snapshots as it is, but having the choice between stable/beta-stable/snapshot-stable would still be nice to have, especially for separate installs, be that on the same machine or on different computers.

    If I remember correctly it was handled quite similar before the launch of the 1.0 final, with a different update channel for snapshots and beta/RC builds.

    I also realize that it will be a while before normal users like myself get a peek at one of the "big" features (mail, sync etc.), even for the small features/gimmicks/updates a third update channel might make sense.

    @TbGbe: It's much easier to ignore an update when you don't get a pop-up notice about a new version being available 😛 And the sopranos (do they really call themselves that) of course still have their daily "insider" builds.

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    Yes, we Sopranos really do call ourselves Sopranos. It's actually an official designation.

    Yes, we do get builds five, sometimes even six, days a week.

    And the icon for Sopranos builds (that's what they're called) is it's own color - somewhere in the green family.


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