What is the status on Pinch to Zoom being enabled?

  • This is probably the only modern Web browser without it and the lack of this feature and lack of general touch features is preventing me from using vivaldi. Any status on this? It's a pretty big omission.

  • What's about this feature? Even Edge is supporting pinch-zoom.

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    @swanlee Ity's a LOT of code to write to detect what you're running on, support multiple graphics cards, OSes, screen types, etc. the negotiation of touch inputs is within the UI essentially, so Vivaldi has to write it from scratch.

  • I am using Vivaldi on all of my computers and it is my favorite browser.
    But using Vivaldi on my Surface Pro 4 in the Windows 10 Tabletmodus takes away the touchscreen feeling.
    I am using the tool "GestureSign", wich helps a lot for using Vivaldi per touch screen. You can change tabs, reload web pages, go back, etc.
    Stilling missing is pinch-zoom... would make Vivaldi nearly perfect.

    I would like to know, if pinch-zoom (and touch screen support) is a thing for Vivaldi that is on the developers schedule plan? Does it have a priority?
    Since I am finding different questions in the forum about this issue that are between 2 and 1 years old, I do not see any progress at all.

    Would be nice to see the team working on this.

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    @joergg pinch-zoom is only one single aspect of touch browsing. Touch browsing is definitely on the list of things to do, but I am not privy to developer scheduling. I know the main things they are working on now are to get 1.14 out the door with improved media handling, the best compatibility with Chromium 64 that can be achieved (at the very least no worse than with Chromium 62), and sync. Integrated email is also a top priority. After that, of the couple of thousand of unfixed bugs that remain, I don't know where touch browsing ranks exactly. I DO know that things with the team are not scheduled by time or date. They try to take them up in what they see to be order of importance to the overall success of the browser.


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