In-place editing of bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar (also Start Page thumbnails not rendering)…

  • Hello Friends: Here is one for the suggestion box, and it may have already been suggested. 🙂 Allow [b]in-place [/b] editing of bookmark items -- inside a folder on the bookmarks toolbar. Currently (at least on Linux) right-clicking on the bookmark item (again within a bookmark folder) causes that bookmark to be opened up in another tab; rather than bringing up a context menu that allows one to edit it's properties, such as the title, the URL, etc. (or perhaps even to delete the item altogether). [u]Under a slightly separate cover [/u]... Unsuspectingly, when I delete items/boxes on the Start Page, a corresponding bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar is also deleted. I had no idea that they were connected this way, so when I looked to find my bookmarks toolbar empty, I was surprised. :ohmy: I actually don't mind bookmarks also being convenient clickable thumbnails on the Start Page, but the problems is that those thumbnails don't render properly, leaving the Start Page looking rather odd: Some boxes are empty/white-space; some nicely filled in with the webpage thumbnail; some partially filled-in (as if part of the webpage were missing in that thumbnail). Visually, those oddities make you want to just empty out your Start Page and start over (but again, doing so removes the associated bookmarks). Maybe it's pilot error on my part, but if not adjusting those behaviors would be grand. :cheer: Thank You & Regards! 🙂

  • Speed Dials and the Bookmarks Toolbar are just folders that can be assigned to those tasks.

    Do all of your bookmark editing in the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab, then you won't need to edit them on the Bookmarks Bar.

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