Vivaldi and WACOM tablet - flicks not working

  • Hi Everyone I have bought myself WACOM tablet (Intuos Photo - like this: One of very useful functions with this tablet is something called "flicks" - essentially these are gestures you do with your pen that provide easy access to common functions like PageUp/PageDwn/Copy/Paste/Back/Forward etc etc The problem I'm facing is to do with the fact those flicks don't work in Vivaldi. They work in all programs I tried (email clients, office apps) including other browsers (FF, IE) but don't work in Vivaldi. In fact, from what I see they don't work in any Chromium based browsers. In Vivaldi, it looks like it doesn't recognize flicks at all (the icon which usually appears when one performs a "flick" doesn't show up at all). Is there any way I can change configuration to make those work? This is how it looks like:

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