Copy (select) & past links; not copy to clipboard (Linux)

  • I'm linux users since 2002. One of the things that make easy work on Linux, is that any that select with mouse, copy to clpboard automatly. Usig a clpboard manager, is great to work. I use all days. But, since last 2 Vevaldi updates; select links in address bar, not copy to clipboard. Now, i'm using 1.5.648.6 (Build oficial) dev (64 bits). I try in chrome, but all work fine. Is issue just in vivaldi? I change some clipboards managers in the last week, but with all is the same, that i think is not my system. By the way; Vivaldi es the best browser, thanks!!! :silly:

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    What is your language?

  • my language?
    sorry for my english; spanish is my language :(

  • Hi Sage2000, no problems to understand you. :)
    I have the same problem since a few Vivaldi versions.

    Opensuse Leap 42.1 x86_64
    CPU Intel T4200 4 GB
    GPU Intel GN 965
    xf86-video-intel 2.99.917-6.1
    Vivaldi latest snapshot
    KDE Plasma 5

    Cheers, mib

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    Not sure how to help you, then. I guess it's possible Vivaldi is having trouble with non-unicode characters, but the only solution I am sure of has recently been introduced into the newer snapshots, and that is turning on the setting "Cut and Copy Encoded" in the Address Bar settings. I understood that was for Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese, however.

  • Wohoo Ayespy, this is working.
    Only thing was I cant copy your username with marking but address bar is working.

    Cheers, mib

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  • :clap_tone1: :slight_smile: I wrote about this litle bug; and at next snapshot, Vivaldi fix it!!!
    Thanks so much. Is working.
    I use this everyday, many times at day, is very usefull for me.
    Thanks for excelent browser!!

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