CSS/JS Hooks

  • Well, I'm not sure as to where I should post this. I've decided to just create a new thread. There's a feature/bug thread, there are some threads about design, there are threads about the search field, etc etc. I'd like to address all those issues with an idea, which is probably already being worked on: CSS and/or JS hooks. First of all: What an awesome browser. I love the "browser in a browser" setup. The entire interface is rendered by blink itself. Now this is probably also the reason that the browser is not feeling 'as snappy' as everyone would like (see all the discussion about the performance of Atom vs Sublime Text). In any case, whilst browsing through the Vivaldi App if found the vivaldi resource folder, in particular style/common.css and bundle.js. By just a few tweaks in the CSS file I got rid of (of tweaked) a few things: - Search box - Tabs on right: just show the title, not the entire preview - Add a thicker border to panels-container + tabs-container.right Just add this code to common.css (close the browser first!): [code] /* right tabs changes / #tabs-container.right { flex: 0 0 183px; border-left: 1px solid #464646; } #tabs-container.right #tabs .tab { height: 30px; max-height: 30px; } / left panel changes / #panels-container { border-right: 1px solid; border-color: #464646; } / hide search */ .searchfield { display: none; } [/code] Preview: [img size=401]http://gavro.nl/public/vivaldi.jpg[/img] I think these things should/could be made possible in either more options or overrides possible with 'skins'. I'd love to get my hand dirty with some skinning 🙂 If you would make this happen, people might even want to start creating special/customized/default platform skins.

  • Very cool customization! Thanks for sharing – just tried it myself and can confirm that it works nicely.

  • Thank you.
    Looks really cool now…


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