Advanced tab dragging - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.651.10

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    [quote=ruario]Happy Monday! Today we have further improvements and polishing to tab drag and drop and a couple of crash fixes.[/quote][size=4][/size] [b]Drag tabs between windows[/b] We continue to add a bit of polish to our tab drag and drop implementation. Some things that our implementation allows, that others browsers cannot do include: [li]Drag selections of tabs (Shift or Ctrl click) to another window [li]Drag tab stacks between windows [li]Drag a tab in and out of a tab stack: to drag out, grab one of the little sub-tabs at the top [li]Drag a tab to the trash: drag it down first and then over to the trash [b]Known issues[/b] [li]No macOS build: see the [url=]previous snapshot[/url] for details [b]Changelog[/b] [li][Tabs DND] Improving and Polishing of Tab Dragging [li][Tabs DND] Drop on tab to make tab stack (VB-22582) [li][Tabs DND] Crash when dragging a tab out of window and to the desktop (VB-22576) [li]Provide a way to allow insecure content to load at the users request: work in progress, needs a new icon (VB-22450) [li]Vivaldi crashes on closing a tab with opened Task Manager (VB-22442) [li]More robust error checking and importing of Opera 12 data (VB-22453) [li]Add HTML content type for bookmark clipboard (VB-9699)

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