Tab Suspension

  • I see when I right click a tab it says hibernate all background tabs. I don't know if this is part of the extension I have installed of Vivaldi by default. Nevertheless, I'd like for their to be built into Vivaldi a functionality to suspend or disable tabs that you're not actively using to save on RAM. Of course, there would need to be the ability to make exceptions for certain sites. One of the biggest draw backs I've found with all browsers is how much RAM they use. Vivaldi should be the game changer with this functionality native to it from the start.

  • It is native functionality.

  • Okay, is there a setting for it? It would be nice for it to do this automatically after a set amount of time with a whitelist as previously mentioned.

  • There is no automatic hibernation. You can send feature request there -> .I doubt they will implement it in near future because there are more pressing issues/requests atm.

  • vivaldi://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding

  • Hi,

    as for now I would suggest to use this extension instead -> The Great Suspender. It has options you mentioned for automatic suspension, exceptions, sassion backup, …. I use it for long time, without problem.

    I guess it's only workaround until Vivaldi will implement more options for this feature. Which based on priorities IMHO will take months++.

  • I have been using The Great Suspender. I'm saying this should be something native to the browser.

  • @den_po:


    This option only works once memory is low, I'm thinking something a little more proactive.

  • I agree, but the way I see it, it will take time. So until then "The Great Suspender" is only solution for me that works now. Internal feature is just to see that there's such thing => to lure, but from practical point of view it's useless IMHO on daily basis.

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