Manually Setting Colors For Websites

  • One of the most striking features about Vivaldi is its tab colors It was one of the main features which drew me to try the browser. They managed to create an addition to daily browsing which is extremely simple yet extremely satisfying. If you go to you get a deep red tab. If you go to you get a deep blue tab. Small changes like this can really add a flair to browsing. [size=4] [b]My question is can these colors be manually set by the user?[/b][/size] What I was curious about was if users have the ability to set a specific color to a specific website? Say I want CNN's tab to appear as a green instead of a red. Could I adjust a setting to where whenever I go to CNN it would show up green instead of red? The easiest way I could see such an addition being added would be through the [b]Bookmark[/b] tab. When you save a website and add it into your Bookmark listing, there should be an option for users to set the tab appearance of the website as a sub-option that appears along with Nickname and Description. I've attached an image to show you what I'm talking about: [img][/img] I'm curious if this feature exists within Vivaldi. If it doesn't, I would hope the developers consider it as a future expansion of the color tab customizations.

  • Yeah, I can see how this makes sense. If you think Vivaldi's developers should do it, you are on the wrong forum board though. Here is the correct one:
    However If you think this should be a modification made by a user, I honestly don't know if it's easily possibly. Probably not, because as far as I know Vivaldi detects the according coloring by checking colors of the website and its icon and then determines it automatically – with mixed results.

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