Vivaldi resolution change

  • [b]Hello everyone,[/b] since Snapshot 1.5.638.3 my Vivaldi went from looking like this [url=]Previous Image[/url] to this: [url=]After Image[/url] is there a way to revert the change?

  • It was reported in the blogs and discussed recently.

    @Pesala 5 days ago:

    This bug was introduce in the previous build. A workaround is to create a shortcut to launch Vivaldi with this command line:

    vivaldi.exe /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1

    @ruario 5 days ago:

    I'm not yet convinced this is a bug. See my other reply.

    I suspect that what you are seeing is not a bug. I could be wrong but it is my current gut feel. Rather you are seeing a bug fix.

    It seems that previously we were not always respecting the UI scaling defined by Windows and that Vivaldi was too small (relative to other compliant applications). Thus if you had 125% UI scaling Vivaldi was still at 100%, while the file manager and other compliant applications were scaled to 125%.

    If you want Vivaldi to be smaller reduce the Windows UI scale factor. If for some reason you want Vivaldi to be smaller but the rest of your applications to be the correct size, then use our UI zoom to scale Vivaldi back.

    If you think I might be wrong or have misunderstood perhaps you could provide a screenshot of your desktop with Vivaldi running alongside the file manager. This will allow us to compare the scaling on both.

    I changed my UI zoom from 115% to 90%, which works for me.

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