WordPress / Builder does not start

  • WP-theme "Ultra" has a "Builder" (sort of an editor): https://themify.me/themes/ultra This ran fine with Vivaldi until a recent (October 2016) update of the Ultra-theme . Since the update I cannot start the builder anymore, thus have to do my WP-Work with either Chrome or Firefox or even IExplore. Is asked the producers, "THEMIFY", to give me a hint on what could have caused the change, but they only said; "I’m not sure about Vivaldi browser, we can only support the most used browsers, Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari. I realize there are more important issues for Vivaldi to handle. If, however, someone wants to look into the matter, I could give you access to the website in question, Maik (who likes Vivaldi a lot and dreams of importing his opera mails into Vivaldi in 2017)


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