Spotify asks for Flash again

  • Yesterday the Spotify Web Player worked just fine. Today it asks for Flash - even though it IS installed and enabled - I double checked. Youtube and all other videos work without problem. This happened in every browser I had, but there were always some easy solutions for it. I can't find any for Vivaldi.

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    The BBC web site decided it need Flash again yesterday, so I reinstalled it (again).

  • There's been something up with Flash recently - both my Win10 machines installed Flash updates from Microsoft last week - and as soon as I restarted them, Adobe Flash installer asked again for another update.

    I'm guessing some big security flaw was discovered and patched (twice) - so maybe sites are insisting on the very latest version now…

  • The flash plugin must be updated. That's all.

    Just download and install it again the same way you did the first time.

  • So it turns out that there was a big security issue with Flash. Saw some news story saying that Microsoft and Adobe were angry because Google went public about it before it was fixed - and Google said they went public since it was already being used in the wild for wide-scale phishing activity.

    And my desktop just updated it yet again (from Microsoft this time). I think that makes five updates in two weeks - a record.

  • Yepp, some bugs were critical. See for the CVE numbers. You can search for details on the CVE numbers here:

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