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  • I like to group and work with tabs. Mostly I put them in tab stacks, but I group them very often as normal tabs together. But for along time ago I miss a tab separator. The tab separator should differ grouped tabs so that can I distinguish them. So, a wider line between the grouped tabs would be enough. Currently I use an empty tab as separator, but it's not really helpful. Why? 1st. The empty tab need to much space 2nd. The bugreport VB-13714 wrong Speed Dial favicon after Vivaldi starts isn't fixed yet Also I miss my feature request VB-13508 to sort or move tabs within stacked tabs mf

  • You don't mention where your tab bar is positioned or whether you can distinguish using the "Grouped Indicator" ?

    It may be possible to enhance this in your theme settings.

    Here is what I see with two Groups:


    There is the Light/Dark bar on the tab top.

  • No, thanks TbGbe. I mean the line between two tabs. Please see in my example. The 4 Vivaldi tabs are a virtual "group" and should be distinguished with thicker or colored lines from other tabs. This should not be set automatically, I would place a seperator tab manually.


  • Ah - so by separator you mean some type of user inserted divider rather than grouping (e.g. tab edge thicken configuration option - similar to cell edges in Excel etc.).

    I can see a use for it - but I just use different windows when I want to do that at the moment.
    However, Vivaldi is about choices 🙂

    You can create a feature request at

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