Web Panel link sends it to Google Play store

  • I have just started to use Vivaldi, but have not been very happy. Here are two. I play a game called Forge of Empires. I put the link into Web Panel. While the link is correct it redirects the page to Google Play. I am on win7 and Vivaldi knows that, so why it sending me to an android app page? See picture. [attachment=4773]Vivaldi2.PNG[/attachment] The other was that I am typing and suddenly I am at the history page. It took a few tries to even understand what is happening. As I was typing and correcting, the back key wasn't erasing the character, but took me to the previous page. Depending how many times I pressed, I ended up at the beginning. Once I know what the problem was, I searched end fixed it by deleting the keyboard shortcut. However, the problem is clear. The browser doesn't know when I am in a text box. Chrome has no such problem. This chat box is inside of the game, in case anyone wants to recreate the problem. This may not be the only problem with text boxes as I think it also not recognizing the text box in the LastPass window. I have to click in the place to type both when I log in (password) and to search. I don't know if this is by design but the menu buttons will highlight as I have the mouse over them to select, but once I open one of the menus, it is completely stuck. I have to press cancel or click somewhere else or click on another menu to move on. Why do I have the feeling more problem I will find as I am using it. Only been 2 days. This software has been out for long, so I am surprised about the many problems(bugs). LH Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/87830/Vivaldi2.PNG[/img]

  • The web panel uses the mobile version of sites where possible (because of reduced size).
    I'm guessing that this "mobile version request" is the cause of site redirecting to Google Play?

    For text boxes, you found one of the solutions (delete shortcut, disable shortcuts etc).

    The menu - click e.g. on Tolls and the Tools menu opens. Then yes, you have to click somewhere to leave the menu (if you don't make a selection). But you can click on the same or any other menu option to close the drop down.

    One year is NOT a long time in browser development (even if using Chrome engine) 🙂

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