How to keep Vivaldi from changing background tab color when I select a new tab

  • I have noticed a habit of Vivaldi changing teh color of the background tabs when I sometimes change focus. I went into my theme and appearance settings but didn't see how to keep Vivaldi from doing this. I did a search here, and saw some screenshots from people who are talking about these options in their Themes menu: "Accent color from active page", "Apply accent color to window" I looked and I don't see them. I am updated on 1.4.xxxx as of today. It is Windows 10 32 bit browser edition (I use 32 b/c the Vivialdi download page said it was recommended, so I figured fewer bugs)--if any of that matters. Any suggestions?

  • Edit a theme and you'll see them

  • Got it. Thanks. I edited my current theme, gave it a new name and saved it, and removed one of those choices. So now, I don't have that attention grabbing change of color every time I click on a new tab.


  • Is that what it is doing?! I could not imagine why I have all these different colors and green when I picked red.
    I didn't edit anything I just picked like you, now I will look at the edit. 🙂

    Actually the colors still change. They seem to want to pick up the color of the content. This sometimes works other times it doesn't. I find myself not knowing which tab I have open. This is annoying.

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