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  • I have W7, Privatefirewall, Ghostery and an extended hosts file, but no anti-virus and minimal Windows services running. I run also Vivaldi in Opensuse, but the following problems only occur in Windows and only with Vivaldi, not with any other browser. -Not a problem, but a suggestion: If more than 1 tabs are open, the browser should give a warning upon closing -Although only one copy of Vivaldi is opened and only two or three tabs are open, the taskmanager invariably shows at least 8 Vivaldi processes running. See screenshot of taskmanager with 17 Vivaldis running. -Sometimes, and particularly when several sites are opened in the background that have videos, the single copy of the browser runs amok, takes over both processors and blocks the system by running them at maximum speed. This can only be stopped by killing all running Vivaldi copies with the task manager. Sometimes, when killing the right Vivaldi process, all the others are stopped at the same time, so it looks like that there is one instance that calls a lot of child processes. Restarting Vivaldi runs it in a normal way again. This is annoying as it is not a rare occurrence. See the system explorer print. Only Vivaldi was running at the time, no other program. -After closing down Vivaldi, the task manager shows a few instances that are still running. -Occasionally, when only a few tabs are open, closing one of the tabs closes down the browser. -The management of the bookmarks is, say, unusual and contrary to Occam's principle of simplicity; why not develop the management as exact and as legally allowed as possible to Opera 12 (auto-sorting on alphabet (other sorting hardly necessary?) with directories first, adding new bookmarks, deleting them etc.)? As my Opera 12 shows that it is an old code machine, I tried a whole range of other browsers, like Pale Moon and Seamonkey; those are good, but I like the speed, the UI and the handling of Vivaldi best. What definitely is a good idea is that, when a tab is opened in the background and it has a video, it only starts to run when that tab is focused. Also the toggle of the panel is a very good the way it is implemented. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

  • Have I astonished everyone so much that there is not one comment on the problem?

    As Vivaldi is the only program that shows this phenomenon and only under Windows7, as I always go ape over this kind of unexplainable things (I know, I know: obsessive-compulsive and contrary to the ratio that I am so looking for) I have dedicated quite some effort to find out what causes it: changing everything that is possible to change, de- and re-installation under other premisses, analysing the whole Windows itself, whatever could be, but to no avail. The problem is regular and very obstructive and if I don't find out why, for Windows I will have to start using a different browser. Would be a pity, that.

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    To which of the several items you mentioned do you refer specifically when you say "The problem is regular and very obstructive…?"

  • The third one, the runaway processor; you can see that in one of the pictures. The top line is Vivaldi, the second one are the two processors. Te red one is the memory usage of Vivaldi. I thought that this was likely to be caused by embedded videos, but also if I do not load any of those pages I can wait for it to happen; it definitely will, within max. 30 minutes. What I wonder about is that, even if I open just one window with Vivaldi and do restrict the tabs to three max, I see always at least 7 instances of Vivaldi in the task manager. When I have to force down the browser with the task manager, the number of instances never is less than 13 and I have to kill them in general one by one.
    Reading through the forum, it looks that I am the only one with this problem; that makes it even more frustrating.

  • Hi, each window and each extension create a CPU process.
    Some extensions are running in background even Vivaldi is closed.
    to switch it off.
    There is also a taskmanager in the Tools menu (Shift+Esc).

    Cheers mib

  • Thanks for the tip.
    For maintenance, I schedule once a year re-installs of Windows and all programs (5 machines, 4 w/o browsers for different processors programming and 1 general); that takes a day but then for sure everything is nicely running again. The next one is in January, so I will get a better idea after that. I will keep you informed..

  • @zzbb:

    Have I astonished everyone so much that there is not one comment on the problem?

    Probably so…

    Next time, try a title that actually (shortly) describes the problem. So that people that have, had, or know about, it may get interested.

  • "try a title that actually (shortly) describes the problem."
    To make a summing up of a few ones in the title will not be shorter than two words, but I suppose that I could make a few posts, each with its own title.

    I have re-installed W7 and all programs; it must have been a queer interaction between the W7 and Vivaldi, because the hanging up during browsing is now gone. It now only hangs after the computer was asleep while Vivaldi was on, and then really good; everything is frozen and I need to make a hard reset. I axed the sleeping.

    After the re-installation I had a new problem for a while: Vivaldi blocked all access to any https site. I tried the suggested Chrome solutions but to no immediate avail. To my surprise it had cleared two days later on without me doing anything.

    In Linux (Opensuse) I can not get HTML5 running, but I hear that that seems to be a problem for most Chrome-based browsers; Firefox does not have a problem there. Any comments w.r.t. this?

    I, as Jim in "I had the impression Vivaldi ...", was used to use windows instead of tabs and it is very difficult to get that automatic clicking on the X out. Most browser do then give a warning about more tabs open, but V does not do that (yet?) Opera also kept a list of what was open, so after a break-down all open sites could be restored. Handy, in this context.

    Why does V per default keep things running in the background after it is closed? That might have its advantages but my programming job taught me that, especially with uProcessors, efficiency is much more important than half a second delay in starting up.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to answer.

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