New MacBook probably won't have Esc / function keys. What do you think about it? xD

  • [url=]"Apple's new MacBook Pro has no escape key."[/url] Nor F-keys... Yep.... courage 😛 So... what about available key shortcuts on future MacBooks in Vivaldi? xD PS. What would disappear next? :silly:

  • I don't think it's a problem, most casual users don't use the function keys anyway, the default is multimedia key functions on osx. The function keys are basically superfluous by now for the majority of the userbase. It's a logical move.

  • You say so? ESC button is the most common button to stop things, like stop playing a movie, pause games to get the menu and maybe exit the game, or it can be used to pop out from a fullscreen youtube video, and so on.
    So you really think removing the escape button is a wise idea? 😃

  • @pycur I have never used the touchbar, but why are we talking about some thing that has happened two years ago? If you need the escape key you can probably just remap it, or use an external keyboard. Also –– search engines are your friend, I'm sure there are a ton of reviews and opinions out there by now. The "new" macbook has been out since 2 years, you know 😛

  • @luetage I know that's an old topic, i just felt I have to tell these facts about the ESC button. I did not followed this news to see if it succeeded or not.
    i just really can't see why big companies thinks that they have to invent something new even if the current one does it's job very well, and the new one usually incompatible with older stuff, so we have to say goodbye to them because of a company's "new" idea.... 🙂

  • @pycur For what it's worth, the escape button wasn't removed per se. The escape key? Now that is gone, but the virtual replacement is in same place and doesn't change much other than the feeling of clicking an actual button.


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