Minimize tab on click?

  • Just wondering if there any plans to introduce the Minimize on click feature -- one of my favorite in Opera. Very convenient when you're working with multiple tabs and have to quickly switch between two of them.

  • That would require at least some features of MDI.

    MDI is the framework behind Minimize/Restore, Tile, Cascade, etc. In Presto, pages were actually in windows inside the browser. Normally those windows took up the entire workspace (the part of the browser other than panels and toolbars), but it was possible to how them as actual windows inside Opera. Of course, most people only encountered those as pop-ups of some kind.

    I have seen some others requesting the ability to tile pages as well - show 2 or more pages next to each other. On a widescreen display that can be handy.

    I am reasonably sure they'd love to be able to reimplement MDI, but I have no idea how hard that will be.

  • This is also one of my most wanted features.

    Full MDI would be great, but even just an emulation of click tab to minimize (i.e. clicking a tab going to the previously-used tab in LRU order) would be nice.

  • I'd be also interested in getting an implementation of this. Just that click to minimize/switch to previously used would make me happy.

    Vivaldi does keep some track of recently open tabs, as it can switch to last used tab when closing one. So the implementation shouldn't be too hard. Just move the "minimized" tab to bottom of the stack.

  • I would like MDI support as well, though not for minimizing specifically. I find being able to put (tile) multiple tabs next to each other quite useful.

  • This is my #1 most wanted feature. When browsing Deviantart or forums I open a bunch of links and then minimise the tab so I can go back to it later without interrupting the order of the other tabs.

  • +1

  • I don't think it would be difficult to mimic a minimize tab feature without using a MDI.

    In the simplest way it's just a "switch to another tab and change the tab order accordingly" action.
    In the best way it would require the browser to assign a state indicator to each tab (minimized / maximized) and define some sort of boss background tab (just showing speed dial and an address bar without a tab in the background of the main window) in case every open tab is in a minimized state.

    Browsing this forum by opening topics in the background for keeping the topics list open I really miss the minimize tab ability :lol:

  • I wouldn't be Minimize per se, it would be either sort of a "hide from tab cycling" (not good for keyboard users) or just "Send to back".

  • Well, it should be minimize per se to be perfect ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • +1

    I have specially registered at this forum to say - we need this function! :woohoo: It is very comfortable to switch between two pages by clicking the tab (an old feature of Opera). This feature is absent in new Opera. IE, Chrome, Firefox (without external plugins), that is why i don't really like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Indeed, this is one of my most missed tab features from Opera 12. I don't need the tabs to be handled as windows either, just the aforementioned "switch to previous tab and send to end of tab order" method would work more than well enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The reason this isn't currently possible is because minimise itself is currently not possible!

    I agree that temporarily hiding a page while you look at other stuff you've opened in the background is a very efficient way of working that I often use in Opera as wellโ€ฆ let's hope this (and maybe other Multi Document Interface - style features?) will eventually be brought to Vivaldi.

  • +1

    Yes, please!

  • I'd also love to have that. Having real MDI would be great too (which would allow a window without any tabs), but thats not necessary for what I imagine. Clicking on the active tab would essentially have the same effect as hitting Ctrl+Tab โ€“ show the most recently active tab before the current one.

  • Minimize tab on click is a must have feature on Vivaldi. I hope it will be implemented. I am so used to it, I can't enjoy a browser that doesn't have it.

  • +1, Vivaldi is a serious alternative to opera 12.x, but I can't even consider completely switching without the minimize function.

  • +1 from me, too - I don't really need other MDI features, but being able to minimize a tab would be great.

  • I see this has been implemented, but it appears to currently send the tab in the second place in the stack - would it be possible to modify it so that clicking the active tab would send it to the bottom of the stack (so that if I minimize a tab, then minimize the next tab that shows up, I don't get the first tab back, but instead whichever tab was next in the order)?

  • Clicking the active tab minmises it and activates the next most recent tab. Clicking that one minimises that one and activates the one before that, etc. That's the way it should work.


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