Disable auto-open of side panel on download

  • Hello. Is there a way to stop the left panel to automatically appear (open) at each download? I'd like to open it only when i want to do it, while acutally it pops up automatically at each download. I looked within the browser options but i could not figure out how to disable it. Regards. Fulvio

  • open the settings, it's there

  • thanks for the tip.

    Found, but it was not under the panel options. It was under trasferimenti (english?=)).


  • "Downloads" of course, that's why it's always preferable keep the programs language in english. :P

  • @100nero:


    In this forum, you can edit your posts at any time. If you edit your first post, and select the Green Tick icon, no one needs to open the thread to see if you still need help.

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