Long Press, New Tab

  • I find this a very useful little extension. In addition to the middle mouse button opening a link in a background tab, I use this extension to open them in foreground tabs. But in Vivaldi, with LPNT set to open in foreground tab, the original tab goes on to open the link as well. No problem if LPNT is set to open in background, but that is of no use to me. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/long-press-new-tab/jgandipoihcbegfmadfblgjghjgigpfd?hl=en-US

  • Well for me middle-click doesn't open background tab - nothing happens.

    But if I long press middle mouse button - then background tab opens.

    I don't have extensions that would interfere with this. But I did notice that extension over there…

    The problem with long press (middle mouse) is that it in many cases opens more than one new tab... :/

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