Problems downloading Vivaaldi after inability to use Vivaldi on my windows vista machine for a year!

  • Does anyone know of a problem using Vivaldi with Windows vista? After having used it for a year, set everything up the way I wanted, two days ago, I clicked on the Vivaldi icon on my desktop.... NOTHING! I went nowhere. Tried everything to get it to respond, but nothing. Finally, I deleted it completely from my machine. Downloaded Vivaldi again, thinking that my copy had somehow become corrupted, and..... NOTHING. What is going on? Cannot get Vivaldi to operate. It is as if there is no .exe file sent with the program! Someone help!!!!! šŸ¤¢ :huh:

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    Due to Chromium dropping Vista support some months back, Vivaldi can no longer support Vista either.

    See if your machine will support an upgrade to Windows 7 (basically every Vista machine will) and you can find places on the web where you can buy a legal Win7 license for about $30 US. It will make your computer run faster and use less resources, even improve battery life if you are on a laptop. I personally would not volutarily run a Vista machine on a bet. Or you can upgrade to Linux for free. But unfortunately, Vivaldi will not be able to support Vista now or in the future.

  • Thank you for your fast responseā€¦. I will probably download Windows seven in the near future... but, still, it was extremely weird that one minute I was using Vivaldi just fine, and the next, I couldn't even get back into it, let alone have problems with using it! Thanks, though.

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