Make vertical tabs taller

  • It's good being able to put tabs on the sides of the screen but there's a little inconveniency. The squares are too small, they could be a little taller, and the button to close appear below the favicon. It's just a very little thing that could improve Vivaldi a lot for me. [img][/img]

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    As a rule, side tabs are not meant to be squeezed down to tiny squares. The major benefit of them is that you can conserve vertical space and USE horizontal space (which is at a surplus on most modern monitors) by displaying the tabs at a sufficient width that you can read the tab title no matter how many tabs you have (up to about 30, when the scroll bar appears, and cuts off the right edge of the tabs). The only thing that would be more convenient for ME, would be if tabs were just a tiny bit LESS tall, so that a couple more could be fit into the height of the display before the scroll bar appears.

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    As a rule, side tabs are not meant to be squeezed down to tiny squares.

    :lol: I was searching everywhere for an option to show icons only on the Tabs (like on the Bookmarks Bar). It didn't make much sense unless all tabs were pinned to have only icons.

    Now I can see that the vertical tab bar can be resized to just the icon. I can see how someone might like to do that to save horizontal space for the web page, but then why not place them at the top instead where they will shrink to fit?

  • You're right, it's not something worth the time and atention of Vivaldi's team.

    Because I use web pannels and sometimes tilling I jusy wanted to same every bit of horizontal space. Some sites don't fit in this space, but then it's partly fault of my screen resolution.


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