Reader view access options - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.644.7

  • [quote=ruario] [size=4]We have focused on improvements to our new 1.5 features in today's snapshot, meaning further enhancements to reader view and drag tabs between windows. We also fixed two of the most serious regressions from the last snapshot (focus issues and text blurriness), improved both the Windows installer and URL field and cleaned up some UI elements[/size].[/quote] [b]More reader view access options[/b] As you know we like to make our new features work for all kinds of users. That is why we usually have more than one way to access them. In a previous snapshot we made reader view more prominent by providing a toggle button in the address field. In today's snapshot, we allow you to assign a keyboard shortcut, for those of you who are more keyboard focussed. Or if you don't want to use up a valuable keyboard shortcut, you can also toggle reader mode via Quick Commands! [b]Known issue[/b] No macOS version today, due to a couple of serious issues that appeared following the (Chromium) engine update, relating to page display and how autoupdate works. There is no change in policy with regards to the relative importance of each operating system—the Vivaldi team is made up of a mixture of Mac, Linux and Windows users. Once the issues with macOS are resolved we will issue a new snapshot right away. In the mean time, the Windows and Linux snapshots will continue, to help us to gather feedback on our most recent improvements, as we are rapidly close in on the 1.5 stable release. [b]Changelog[/b] [spoiler] [li][Regression] [Windows] No subpixel rendering when using UI scaling or HiDPI greater than 100%, resulting in perceived blurriness (VB-22377) [li][Regression] [Windows] Uninstall Vivaldi shows progress dialog (VB-22256) [li][Regression] Text cursor/caret occasionally disappears on web pages (VB-19691) [li][Regression] Can not print internal pages like the history page from the context menu (VB-22375) [li][Regression] Shift Selection breaks after attach tab (VB-22085) [li][Regression] Expanding a topic in Google News is no longer possible (VB-22290) [li][Windows] Cannot set Vivaldi standalone as default browser on Windows 7 (VB-22104) [li][Windows] Installer type cannot be changed without changing directory first (VB-2016) [li][Linux] Flash stopped working after Chrome 54 update (VB-22258) [li][Tab DND] Tab stack indicator can't be detached (VB-19285) [li][Tab DND] Tab disappears on attempt to detach it from private window (VB-22146) [li][Tab DND] Tab dragged to other window and back does not appear on a tab bar (VB-22250) [li][Tab DND] Dragging last tab on its own window reopens the window (VB-22248) [li][URL field] It's possible to press Enter before completion is finished (VB-22119) [li][URL field] To select a word in the URL, you must quintuple-click it (VB-22070) [li][URL field] Copying URL containing Japanese character does not always work (VB-22127) [li][Reader] Add a mapable shortcut for toggling reader view (VB-22386) [li][Reader] Reader view button lost on 'back', 'forward' (VB-22357) [li][Reader] Some sites visited without Reader View redirect their url when Reader View becomes enabled (VB-22288) [li]Horizontal Main Menu still has a red Vivaldi icon for snapshots (VB-21379) [li]Contrast too low for Zoom slider (VB-22355) [li]Search from context menu does not always work (VB-22187) [li]Users don't understand that the V icon is a clickable menu (VB-22166) [li]Freeze after middle clicking bookmarks (VB-22260) [li]Separator line in Quick Commands getting curved (VB-18351) [/spoiler]

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