Vivaldi for Mac OS Sierra

  • I try to install Vivaldi on Mac OS Sierra. Everything goes very well until I close my computer. When I open it everything disappear, the icon on the deck is nowhere etc... Is it possible to give me a simple response, I am not at all computer expert. Thank you very much. It is good to escape from Microsoft, Apple, Google and the China Opera. Your Browser is superb.

  • Hmm, simple question, did you drag Vivaldi through Dock so it will be there when you quit it? Or simply while you use it, right-click or ctrl-click to Vivaldi icon and choose Options –> Keep in Dock.
    Of course you have Vivaldi to Application folder or any other folder of your mac, right?

    btw you can use spotlight to open apps, or Launchpad. It can't just disappear. Do a simple restart and you will see is right there.

    Take care. 🙂

  • Thank you, it works very well.


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