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  • Hi, In Vivaldi on Mac, when I type for example "viv" in the search bar and it suggests for example "https://vivaldi.net/forum/vivaldi-browser-for-mac/topic/create", is there a way to go to "vivaldi.net" (so the domain of the suggested site) instead of to the specific suggested page? Is that possible with a button combination, or can I set that? Thanks in advance.

  • At the moment it's not possible. I think I read about the same issue before. Since I like to open websites with just a few keystrokes myself I'm using Quicksilver. This requires you to bookmark all pages you want to access, to export these bookmarks to a html file and to link Quicksilver to this file (since there is no dedicated Vivaldi plugin yet).

    It may seem complicated, but I can only recommend it. This way you can open any bookmark without even taking the extra step to open the browser first. Well, check it out if you like.

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    This is a known issue that is internally tracked as VB-19105. If you see that ID mentioned in the changelog, you know it has been fixed.

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