Do you plan to reimplement the windows panel (later)?

  • It is a great feature in Opera Presto. It is good for: -having a unified tab-window list; searching within this list; faster tab switching -you can use some basic actions/buttons (for example close, reload, zoom, find, wand, go to start (of page)) with multiple tab (or stack, window) selection. -or you can simply move a selection of tabs with one drag between stacks, windows. These actions would make it more powerful: -create new stack from selected tabs -unstack selected tabs

  • Agreed, would be glad to see the feature make a comeback as well

  • I totally agree. The missing windows panel is the last reason why I still stick to Opera12. So please bring that essential feature back!

    Thank you for what you have done already! Great work, great vision! Keep that spirit!

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    I really want it and was planning to ask for it. It's such a great feature in Opera. In Vivaldi we can see windows from the Vivaldi > Windows menu but this isn’t as good.

  • +1
    It's my favorite feature in opera 12

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    +1 a MUST
    i prefer it than the quick commands, it's good but a windows panel is easier to manager


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