Tabs don't work

  • Hello I'm running the latest stable version and have a problem. My tabs don't work as they should. I'm not sure how to describe it, but when I open Speed Dial, it says speed dial on the tab. Then if I open few sites from Speed Dial in new tabs, first opened tab is blank, and second opens the second site, but name of first tab is displayed on tab bar. That continues to other tabs in that pattern. I've tried reinstalling and copying Default folder back and it solved it. But just for a while, it came back after I restarted Vivaldi. Any solutions?

  • Do you open them by left mouse click or by middle mouse button?
    Can you attach a pic which shows how this looks like after you opened the first site via speeddial?
    Does this happen to all sites you open via speeddial?

  • No matter how I open, situation is the same.
    This is a SS.

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