URL focus problem

  • Hi all, Can somebody give me some advice on what on the surface seems a trivial problem that's easy to fix, but I'm drawing a blank on this and I've tried and tried. When I focus the url input it outlines the whole url box in the accent color and it's really messing with my theme, I've tried various combo's of :active, :focus on all of the related elements I can think of but I can't prevent it. Appreciate any advice, Sean

  • I fixed this for anybody interested, well I bodged it, it's a box shadow but for the life of me I can't find the exact element term to apply it only to that…..so I globally turned off box-shadows!

    * {
        box-shadow: none !important;

  • Have you tried div.addressfield? For me it works.

  • I'll cry if it's that simple lol, I'll report back, and thank you :)

    Yes, perfect, thanks luetage.

  • lol
    Just curious, what method do you use to find the names of the elements?

  • The original method of adding the flags to the shortcut and then right clicking the UI to inspect, I must have just been having a dumb day with that one though.

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