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  • I am very interesting in Vivaldi. I heard that Vivaldi has opened the source [url=]A few words about Open Source and Vivaldi[/url]. So I excited to download the source and tried to build it. After couple hours, the binary was compiled. But it can't display anything when executed. Is it normal ? I have checked the vivaldi processes, the Browser process, render process, gpu process,... are all launched, but still can't see any thing. Is there another part of source which didn't open ?

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    To my knowledge, Vivaldi has not opened the UI source. Hence, I don't know how you could build the whole browser.

  • Vivaldi is not Open Source. Vivaldi is built using some open source components, hence the sources of such components are published.

    But read carefully what Jon wrote

    In addition, all of our UI code (included in normal packages) is written in plain, readable text. This means that all parts of Vivaldi are full audit-able and open from that perspective.

    This is meant to address the fear of unwanted features embedded in closed source SW, which is one of points of the Open Source SW over closed source one.

    Usually you can't audit a closed source binary program w/o big efforts, time and skill.

    Vivaldi ha not real binaries, and can be checked using a text editor. That's what Jon meant.

  • I got your point. Thanks!! :cheer:


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