Vivaldi hangs when toggling menu bar auto hide

  • If you run Vivaldi and then go to System Preferences -> General and toggle auto hide for the menu bar, Vivaldi will hang and require a force quit. Version 1.5.633.3.

  • I can confirm this, it's a bug. No idea if the devs know about it, haven't seen anything about it in the forums thus far. It's probably useful to report this:

  • Thanks for reporting the bug, TheHDL. I was able to reproduce it on my system and confirm it. For everyone else: It's tracked as issue VB-22393 internally.

    When I tried to reproduce the bug, I still had Opera running in the background, which I had used for testing purposes earlier. It turned out that Opera also seems to be affected by this bug, so it might be a general Chrom* issue.

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