Vivaldi "always on top"

  • hi, all strange béhavior.. from fullscreen mode to "normal" mode... it seem that vivaldi stay on mode "always on top" and impeach the mouse cursor to catch "my" hidden windows taskbar... and that it's extremely ennoying !! i seen on the forum after research on google, that this "bug" (stealing focus it seem) was solved in some previous update... but this point, seem not to have solved... please, i used a lot the fullscreen mode... then thanks a lot...

  • Yes I'm able to reproduce this, likely it's a regression, I'm going to report it

  • I don't know if it was ever fixed, it's there since 1.0
    (VB-17670) Vivaldi Breaks Autohide of the Windows Taskbar
    when it happens, just un-maximize the window, resize enough to allow it to be moved around and the taskbar reappears moving the mouse on bottom, at that point re-maximize the window.

  • Hi,

    same problem here. I've reported this bugs in a german topic in this forum december 2015.
    I think in version around january or febuary it was fixed. after 4-5 versions the bug reappeared and was never fixed again.

    My taskbar is in the upper corner, when the taskbar is in the left, right or bottom corner, it seems fine.

  • Just to chime in that this bug has been annoying me for weeks, and is going to make me switch back to Chrome at least until it is fixed, because it completely breaks my productivity workflow. I'm using Vivaldi at work, and I constantly have to switch back and forth between windows of my various applications. Having a program with rogue behavior makes it impossible to achieve any consistency in my workflow.


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