How to obtain the magic url for a new search engine

  • a little how to for search engine for vivaldi (and other browsers) a little trick to obtain an url copy-able to make a new search-engine (i've never found the way to do it anywhere(may be to simple)) - open the website you wish to become your new searchengine... - do simply a basic search...(a word) - clic on the status bar and copy the adress... - copy it into vivaldi as the adress of the new search engine... - replace the word you typed into the adress by %s exemple: (real adresse typed into the status bar) search = dusty milk result = adresse to type for a new search engine: not complicated, when you know it...

  • It's even less complicated than that: just move the pointer into the search field of the site and right click/add as search engine :lol:

  • @Quetzal:

    not complicated, when you know it…

    Not complicated when you realize that this is Vivaldi, not Chrome or FF :lol:

  • i wanted to say thank you to the vivaldi team for making changing default search easier than certain other browsers. i like the !bang features of duckduckgo. !g searches google, !b searches bing, !w searches wikipedia. easy way to switch search engine. covers all the initial choices for my special-use. within browser as well, initiating search with "[b,g,w] [query]" also lets you search these sources. other !bang letters i tried in address field do not return site-specific results.


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