Font kerning gone to hell… 1.5.638.3 (64 bit)

  • I've noticed since this update that honestly, font kerning is so bad as to be unusable on normal sites. I have to zoom in 50% or more to even approach normal spacing between letters. It's so random and haphazard I've not seen anything this half-arsed since the last time I tried to use Linsux as a desktop OS... since Freetype kerns text like a sweetly retarded rhesis monkey on crack what with it's inability to render the same word the same size the same way twice on a page if it's a different pixel distance from the left side. that's almost what I'm seeing here in winblows, and it's making this latest build of Vivaldi near useless to me. Don't know if this is related to the garbage problem with the interface scaling where I have to zoom out 90% in the options to approach usable... but it's really annoying. I mean, when it can't even render 14px arial properly, there's something wrong. It also feels like everything is blured differently.... like... are you no longer using Windows to render the fonts in the browser or something? It FEELS like a really crappy mix of freetype and Apple's blurry renderer.

  • Actually, is it using Freetype now? That's the only time I've ever seen font rendering this horrible.

    Oh, and windows 8.1 if that helps, YES I have it set to old school large fonts/win7+ medium/20px/120dpi/125%/pickAFreakingNameAlready, YES I have display scaling disabled for vivaldi.exe…

    Seems like fonts on EVERY joe-blasted website are screwed up. Some things are now five times too large, others are so small as to be unusable (like this very page with the absurdly small 12px-ish textarea with 40px+ labels)...

    Hard to believe an engine change could wreak this much havoc.

  • … and already found the answer.



    to the shortcut, same as when display scaling goes tits-up face-down on Linsux. So now Chromium pays attention to Winblows display scaling even when you tell the shortcut not to in compatibility? Oh, that's just BRILLIANT -- NOT!

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