Feature Request - Vertical Tabs

  • Pretty self explanatory. The ability to have the tab bar on the left or right edge of the window, allowing having more tabs open and making it easier to find them. It's the thing I miss most from old Opera.

  • Hello,

    Have you tried going to Settings -> Appearance? (vivaldi://settingspage/appearance/) Under tabs position, you can choose to place tabs on top, bottom, left or right.

  • Wow! How did I miss that? It's great.

    But I can't seem to find a way to disable the previews, and make the vertical tabs text-only.

  • The thumbnails will adjust as the amount of open tabs increase. So, if you have several tabs open, you'll only see the text instead of the preview so that the tabs fit in the available space. At the moment there's no way to disable the large thumbnails when only a few tabs are open.

  • It was the first thing I set up being an Opera user. It would save space if the tab that was open collapsed to text only. By the way are the thumbnails live?

  • You can modify the main CSS file to disable the previews on vertical tabs – see: https://vivaldi.net/forum/all/1307-css-js-hooks

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