Twitch HTML5 player doesn't work

  • Recently Twitch has rolled out their HTML5 player for everyone, not just turbo/prime/partnered users. It works fine in other browsers like Firefox and Safari, but in Vivaldi the player controls appear to stall. The player's buttons continuously flicker and the play/pause button toggles between both modes rapidly. Ultimately the player just stays black and fails to load anything unless you disable the HTML5 and fall back on Flash. I'm using 1.5.633.3.

  • I used to have problems with the flash player on twitch. Sometimes the site became unresponsive and the stream stopped. When they introduced html5 to everyone these problems disappeared for me. To this day I hide chat though, maybe try that. When chat is very active twitch can have hiccups too, but it doesn't seem like this would solve your issue. Have you looked into vivaldi://gpu lately? Useful for checking if hardware acceleration works.

  • It seems like it doesn't work if I'm using my integrated GPU. If I enable the dedicated one before I launch Vivaldi the HTML5 player will work in Twitch. YouTube doesn't seem to care and will load regardless of GPU. Changing GPUs while Vivaldi is open will cause it to break both Twitch and YouTube video players.

    Edit: Seems this also prevents stuff from playing in other sites like Twitter as well. My integrated GPU is the Intel HD 3000 so perhaps Vivaldi's gripe is with that.

  • It's definitely that. The HD3000 is an unsupported system configuration. Enable "Override software rendering list" in vivaldi://flags. It's the first entry on this site. This will solve the issue and Vivaldi will allow hardware acceleration for your integrated gpu. You can use this flag on all chromium based browsers.

  • Awesome, that helps a lot thanks.


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